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AP Flood Door Protector - 600mm x 840mm
The 840mm flood door barrier is an ideal flood defence solution for your home. When in position the door will still function as intended, allowing for its continued use. Requires a frame to be permanently fitted to the door surround, ...Read more
Acrypol Flexible Reinforcement Scrim Tape - 150mm x
Acrypol Scrim for Roofs and Gutters is an instant repair product designed for use on roofing and guttering, domestically or commercially. Acrypol Scrim for Roofs and Gutters works well to bridge gaps and cracks to bring the structure back to ...Read more
Everbuild Evercryl Emergency Roof Repair Cartridge - Grey
Evercryl Emergency Roof Repair in a cartridge requires a sealant application gun to apply. The Evercryl formula contains top quality fibres that are applied through a special 'duck bill' shaped nozzle ideal for emergency repairs to gaps, cracks and holes ...Read more
Gravitas Hydrosnake Instant Sandbag - Pack of 2
The Hydrosnake creates a highly effective barrier to the threat of floodwater, and is the ultimate replacement for the sandbag. After it absorbs 20 litres of fluid it will then resist any further flood water from passing through.Read more