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Saniflo Saniplus Up 6003 Full Bathroom Macerator Pump
The Saniplus Up enables you to install an additional bathroom with ease. With two inlets and a greater tank capacity, the Saniplus UP can easily deal with a WC, wash basin, bidet and even the highest output power shower.Read more
Saniflo Sanipro Up 6006 Full Bathroom Macerator Pump
This neat unit makes it easy to install an extra bathroom or en-suite with ease. With two inlets the Sanipro Up can easily deal with a WC, wash basin, bidet and a power shower. Ideal for replacement installations as no ...Read more
Saniflo Sanivite + 6004 Four Inlet Macerator Pump
Ideally suited to a kitchen or utility room, Sanivite +'s powerful pump has four inlets for connection to domestic sinks or appliances. With compact dimensions, Sanivite + can be concealed in a kitchen unit or behind a demountable panel to ...Read more
Taktec Trade Glass Protector - 600mm x 50m
The Taktec Glass Protector is a heavy duty self-adhesive film designed to withstand the demands of any job, whether it’s an office fit-out, a new home move or a quick decorating project. The clear film allows light through and enables ...Read more