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Einhell GE-LC 18 Li Cordless Chainsaw Kit
The Einhell Power X-Change GE-LC 18 Li Chainsaw Kit is ideal for cutting logs up to 25cm wide with cordless freedom. This dependable, handy chainsaw is ideal for pruning or felling small to medium-size trees, making firewood and trimming or ...Read more
Einhell Power X-Change GE-CT 36/30 Li E-Solo Cordless
The Einhell Power X-Change GE-CT 36/30 LI-E Cordless Grass Trimmer is the ideal tool for getting your lawn into shape. Electronic variable speed control and the Power X-Change one battery fits all system allows you to go about your work ...Read more
Webb HC600 Petrol Hedge Cutter
Built with practicality in mind, and designed to be easy to use and maintain, the Webb HC600 Petrol Hedge Cutter helps you achieve impressive results with an ergonomic, reliable and effective hedge trimming machine. Ideal for the maintenance of small ...Read more
Wickes 13mm Garden Cage & Aviary Galvanised Wire
Tough electro-welded rigid mesh suitable for fencing, pet cages and gutter guards.Read more