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EVO-STIK Plumber's Mait Waterproof Non-Setting Putty - 750g
EVO-STIK Plumber's Mait is a waterproof, non-setting putty for sanitary joints. The putty can be applied by hand and is permanently flexible to allow for joint movement, making it ideal for use in the installation of drainpipes, sinks and valves. ...Read more
Einhell TC-HP90 Electric Pressure Washer
The Einhell TC-HP 90 high-pressure cleaner provides an impressive combination of compact design and high performance. Being low in weight the high-pressure cleaner is ideal for mobile use and suitable for getting lightly soiled surfaces cleaned quickly with a maximum ...Read more
Primaflow Nail In Pipe Clips - 22mm Pack
Our range of nail pipe clips feature a high quality mechanically zinc plated hardened and tempered nail suitable for all types of masonry.Read more
Wickes Blue 4 Way Utility Key
Four-way service utility key to open water, electricity and gas cabinets, and useful for radiators, stopcocks and outside taps.Read more