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Arrow JT21 T27 Light Duty Staples - 8mm
The Arrow JT21 series light-duty staples are compatible with the JT21/21C staple gun. Built with the same quality and precision as the T50, these staples utilise a thinner wire in a smaller staple format to deliver great holding power. They ...Read more
Arrow T50 Staples 10mm (3/8in) - Pack of
The Arrow T50 Series 0.050 wire staples are top quality and are suitable for T50, T55, T50PBN, HT50P (up to 12mm only), HTX50, ETFX50, ETF50PBN, CT50K, 5700 and 8000. They are size 10mm (3/8in) and come in an Industrial bulk ...Read more
Arrow T50M 505m Monel Staples 8mm ( 5/16in)
The Arrow T50M 505m Monel Staples 8mm ( 5/16in) have a rustproof finish and are recommended for their durability and resistance to corrosion. They are totally waterproof and can be used under water. For use with T50, T55, T50PBN, HT50P, ...Read more
Exterior Nails - 100mm - 250g
These high-quality nails are meticulously engineered to provide robust and durable fastening solutions for various outdoor applications. These exterior nails are specifically designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor construction projects, including fencing, decking and securing roofing ...Read more