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Acrylic and silicone sealants are ideal for bonding materials, caulking and waterproofing joints around your home. With the same fast-acting, long-lasting and reliable performance as multi-purpose sealant, our kitchen and bathroom sealant has added waterproof and mould resistant properties, ideal for areas exposed to moisture.

Bathroom silicone sealant is highly flexible and adheres easily to smooth surfaces, creating a snug watertight seal. The elastic nature of bathroom silicone allows for movement without the risk of tearing, making it the ideal choice for areas around your shower, bath and sink.

Acrylic sealant is made from a water-based formula for easy, fast adhesion. Sealant can be painted in as little as one hour after application, so you can complete your job straight away.

Waterproof and with anti-mildew and fungal resistant properties, anti-mould sealant is ideal for filling joins around your tiles, kitchen worktops and bathroom units to create a sanitary and hygienic seal. Supplied for easy application in a cartridge tube, our mould resistant, waterproof and fast curing sealants have good protection against chemical detergents, soap and bleach, making them an ideal choice for replacing your bath or shower silicone.

With options from brands including Unibond and Evo-Stik, our wide selection of clear, grey, black and white sealants help to give you a clean and professional finish, sealing the joins around your bathroom and kitchen units for a seamless look.

Whether you’re a trade customer or working on a home improvement project, we have a range of sealant and foam guns including cartridge guns, replacement nozzles, sealant and foam removers.