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C2 Exterior Multi-purpose Screw - Exterior 5.0 x
The C2 Exterior screw has been plated with a multi-layer protection system that consists of an organic top coat barrier layer and a zinc base layer. Designed to provide excellent additional protection against corrosion in exterior applications.Read more
General Purpose Woodscrews - Yellow Assorted Tray of
An assorted tray consisting of sizes from 3.5 - 5.0mm. A single thread woodscrew mainly used in various types of timber and man-made boards or into masonry with a plastic plug. Partially threaded from 80mm.Read more
Knauf Aquapanel Gold Fixing Screws - 39mm
Gold coated rust-resistant screws for fixing Aquapanel to metal frames or timber studs.Read more
Spax Frame Anchor T-Star WIROX - 7.5mm x
The screw suited for plug-free quick fastening into wood, concrete or masonsy for indoor and outdoor use.Read more