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BT1 Ultimate Bathroom White Sealant & Adhesive -
BT1 is based on our new revolutionary TRIBRID® Technology and is the only scientifically developed TRIBRID® polymer with unique resistance to mould and fungal infestation, thereby creating a much healthier environment. BT1 will successfully bond woods, metals, brickwork, concrete, fiberglass, ...Read more
Soudal Brilliant White Multi-Purpose Silicone Sealant - 290ml
This multi-purpose acetoxy cure silicone sealant from Soudal is perfect for use internally and externally. Ideal for many general purpose sealing applications, providing a highly flexible, weather resistant seal. Very good adhesion on all common building materials.Read more
Soudal Turbo Decorators Caulk - 290ml
Fast curing decorators caulk for filling gaps and sealing joints prior to decorating. Paintable acrylic sealant that can be painted over much faster than regular caulk (5-10 mins). Ideal for sealing gaps around internal window and door frames, skirting boards, ...Read more
UniBond Speed Anti Mould White Sealant - 291g
The UniBond Speed Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant puts your bathroom back into use quickly, the superior mould resistant formulation of water proof UniBond Speed Seal provides a hygienic barrier from water by creating a permanently flexible seal, allowing water contact ...Read more