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Elevate your home's charm with our collection of cottage style doors, designed to add character and warmth to your space. Featuring panelling, cross-bracing and decorative hardware, these doors are perfect for enthusiasts of cottage-style décor.
Offer on 686mm
Wickes Geneva Oak Cottage Pre Finished Internal Door


Whether you're looking to enhance a rustic retreat or infuse a touch of cottage allure into your urban home, our cottage style doors are the picture-perfect choice. Choose from a range of solid and glazed doors, available for internal and external spaces. Our pre-finished doors show off the beauty of a natural wood grain, while our white cottage doors provide a versatile canvas, easily updated with any wood paint in the colour of your fancy.

Explore our collection today and bring timeless charm to your interior spaces.


What are cottage doors?

Cottage doors are a style of door commonly found in traditional and rustic buildings. They typically feature planked or panelled designs with a rustic or country aesthetic, often incorporating elements like cross-bracing and decorative hardware for added charm.

What is cottage style?

Cottage style is a charming and relaxed interior design style inspired by traditional English country cottages. It embraces a cosy, inviting atmosphere with elements like rustic furniture, floral patterns, natural materials and vintage accents. The colour palette is typically soft and muted, creating a warm and welcoming feel reminiscent of countryside living. Cottage style celebrates simplicity, comfort and a connection to nature, making it a popular choice for creating inviting and homely spaces.

Should I replace my internal doors?

Replacing internal doors can transform the look and feel of your home, improving functionality and reducing drafts. If you’re ready to replace your doors, see our inspiration guide for internal doors.