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Maintaining a clear and algae-free pond during the summer has many benefits. For one, it ensures that the water remains oxygenated and healthier for aquatic life to thrive. Additionally, a clear pond enhances the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor space, making it a more enjoyable area to spend time in with family and friends. Lastly, algae control also aids in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and parasites that can be detrimental to the overall well-being of your pond's inhabitants. There are numerous ways to keep your pond free of algae, most of which can be accomplished through regular maintenance.

Keeping débris out of the pond

First and foremost, it's essential to be vigilant about removing any fallen débris, such as leaves or twigs, from the surface of the water every few days. Use a net to skim over the surface of the water to collect as much débris and material as you can. Collecting it now is important, as it won’t take long to sink to the bottom of the pond, where it will start to decay. Once decay starts, this will cause ammonia to rise through the water and that can harm any wildlife, especially fish that you may have. You will know when there is a spike in ammonia as your fish will literally be trying to jump out of the water.

Keep on top of algae

During these warmer months, pond owners need to be on the lookout for algae growth, as this can deplete the oxygen in the water and make it difficult for fish and other aquatic animals to survive. One effective way to clear algae from your pond during the summer is by introducing floating plants like water lilies, which can provide shade and reduce the amount of sunlight the algae need to grow. Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing an algae-eating fish, like the Siamese algae eater, to help control algae growth naturally. Lastly, make sure to check your pond's water quality regularly and adjust as necessary to maintain a balanced ecosystem for all its inhabitants to thrive.

Add the right water

In addition to chemical treatments and physical removal methods, using water from a water butt to top up your pond can also benefit its overall health. This water is often low in nutrients and free of chemicals, which can help maintain a balanced ecosystem in your pond. Additionally, using a watering can and adding the water slowly can help regulate the temperature of the water in your pond and prevent sudden drops in temperature that can harm aquatic life. Just be sure to avoid using water that has touched chemicals or pesticides, as this can negatively impact the health of your pond.

Natural pond care

Using natural methods such as adding oxygenating plants, barley straw, or beneficial bacteria are also highly effective methods of keeping your pond clean and clear. Oxygenating plants help increase the oxygen levels in the pond, which reduce algae growth. Barley straw is a natural algaecide that releases compounds that destroy algae while leaving other plants unharmed. If you keep up with regular care and maintenance for your pond. You should see it stay clear and free from algae all year round.

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