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A fresh coat of paint and a new lick of colour can go a long way when you want to transform the look of your kitchen. You don’t need to make any drastic changes to completely change the look and feel of your space, a simple switch of colour will easily do the job. When it comes to choosing your colour, look no further than the shades and hues that are making big waves in 2023.

  • Although it hasn’t always been a popular choice for kitchens like blue and yellow, green is making a big impact. While it often gets demoted to more traditional styles, the right shade can be a perfect fit for any contemporary space.
  • Green brings an elegant aesthetic to your kitchen, and you can create lighter tones by adding white, cream or grey to your chosen hue, which makes it easier to accommodate.
  • It creates a relaxing atmosphere with strong ties to nature, creating the perfect calming environment even when the heat is turned up.
Warm Neutrals
  • They might be seen as a safe choice, but it’s hard to go wrong with warm neutrals and they can be created from any colour.
  • With some simple shading or tinting, you can push your chosen kitchen colour into the neutral realm.
  • Adding splashes of red, yellow or orange creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere, while green, blue or violet cools down the neutral for a more calming effect.
  • Warm off-white shades are also the perfect pair for natural designs such as marble or wood.
Rich Blues
  • When opting for blue in the kitchen, the temptation is typically to go towards paler, more muted shades. Try going for something bolder and achieve a visual impact, with rich blues.
  • Deep blue cabinets help to create a wonderfully calming space, while something simpler for the worktop helps to avoid the colour from being overwhelming.
  • Hints of white, grey or other neutrals, as well as wood or even gold, help to keep the kitchen from feeling too cool.
  • Given that kitchens have traditionally been white for the longest time, opting for a black colour scheme may seem a bit ‘out there’. However, your kitchen colour should follow your personal taste, and dark features can really add a touch of contemporary class.
  • The clean, fuss-free simplicity of a black kitchen invites all sorts of possibilities for colour combinations that perfectly complement your aesthetic.
  • Make sure you include lots of lighting, both natural and artificial, to avoid your space looking too dark. Shiny elements will also help with this, whether its stainless-steel appliances and accessories, glass, or even mirrored elements. It also pairs well with beautifully grained wood, which adds both warmth and texture.
Pale Yellow
  • A nice shade of toned-down yellow has a similar effect to a white colour scheme in the kitchen – it reflects the maximum amount of ambient light, which is ideal for brightening up gloomier homes.
  • It completely brings the space to life and works with a variety of interior design styles like farmhouse, traditional and even Mediterranean.
  • Not only does it brighten up the room, but it also complements most types of wooden cabinetry.