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You can easily give your Christmas tree a new lease of life by upcycling old baubles that you might have stashed away in the loft or deep in a cupboard somewhere. They can be completely customised to suit any colour scheme that you fancy trying, and it saves you from buying new ones.


Start by removing the top from your bauble and inserting a coffee stirrer in its place.


Once you’ve done that, add your base paint to a bucket so that it’s deep enough to completely submerge the bauble. This will provide the main colour.


Then drizzle in a couple of different colours using a waxing or lolly stick. This will help you to create a swirl effect, so you’ll want colours that complement the base.


Dip the bauble into the bucket and submerge it in your paints, and then gently twist it around when it’s in there.


Once you’ve dipped it, stick it into a foam brick that’s sat on top of some scrap cardboard to protect your work surface. Then leave it to dry.

You can get really creative with your designs. Try using masking tape to keep some of the original colour or sprinkle glitter on the wet paint for a glitzy look.


Once they’ve dried, pop the top back on and they’re ready to go on the tree.

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