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We’re seeing a huge rise of smart products across the market year-on-year, as customers are constantly looking to expand their smart home networks. To quantify that - 50% of UK residents aged 16+ now own a smart speaker and that’s up from 20% in 2019. The number of smart devices in homes is expected to almost double by 2025. That means tradespeople are likely to become increasingly involved in installing smart devices, in both residential and commercial buildings. Wickes has everything customers need, with a vast, expanding range of smart devices that includes everything from energy-saving to home security.

Benefits of smart devices

It might not be the most obvious reason, but having smart tech in the home can actually help to boost the value of a property by around £2.4k, with 51% of people willing to pay that much additionally based on its inclusion. Some of the more typical benefits for your customers include the convenience of being able to manage everything from their phone remotely, and also saving money. The Director of Hive indicates that app-related smart thermostats can save your clients up to £311 a year on their energy bills. Then you have things like smart lighting, which can have a positive impact on your customers’ physical and mental health.

Smart home security

Smart home security is the easiest way for customers to keep their homes safe and secure. Our range covers multiple solutions that will be sure to give them peace of mind. A smart security camera lets your customers keep an eye on their home wherever they are. The cameras usually come with a companion app, so your clients can view the feed and footage from their phone. Your customers can even get some cameras that come with floodlights attached, so intruders are illuminated when motion is detected. It also includes smart alarms, keyless locks and even entire kits that come with everything your customers will need to keep their home secure.

Smart lighting

Smart lights are a perfect addition to any smart home setup. They let customers control their home lighting from their phone, with all of the smart bulbs linked up so that every room in the house can be managed from one place. On top of the convenient control, your customers can also get smart lights that can switch between a wide array of different colour options, allowing them to set the perfect ambiance.

Smart thermostats & heating

Smart thermostats and heating systems give your clients total control - ideal for this season with winter on the way. That means customers’ heating is only switched on when it needs to be and only in rooms that are being used, rather than heating an entire floor or house. It makes it a lot easier to cut down on energy wastage and minimise costs. That reduced energy wastage is also a lot better environmentally.

EV chargers

People with electric vehicles need to be able to fuel up when they’re at home, so there’s a growing demand for home electric vehicle chargers. They’re typically more cost-effective than public chargers, as well as more eco-friendly. Having a home charger means that people can also access higher charging speeds at home.