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Doff Green Fingers Organic Liquid Multi Purpose Feed
Doff Green Fingers Organic Multi Purpose Feed is a leading, caring yet super effective range of 100% plant based liquid feeds that will help your plants and shrubs flourish, organically. It contains a balanced combination of nutrients to encourage strong ...Read more
Doff Power Up Nitro Coat Fast Acting Lawn
Doff Power Up Nitro Coat Fast Acting Lawn Seed is a unique coated lawn seed to drive water absorption and greater germination success. It has added nitrogen to drive quicker growth, more root mass and thicker grass. It is quick ...Read more
Gro-Sure Westland Perlite 10L
Gro-Sure Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock which has been heated to high temperatures to produce lightweight, micro-porous granules. This is perfect for improving aeration, moisture retention and drainage, encouraging strong, healthy seedling growth and establishment.Read more
Miracle-Gro All Purpose liquid - 800ml
The Miracle-Gro Gro All Purpose Concentrated Liquid Plant Food is the superfood for your plants, helping you grow beautiful, healthy plants with noticeably more blooms. It contains a unique bio-stimulant, Humifirst, which is rich in organic matter to stimulate growth, ...Read more