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Einhell Power X-Change 18V Universal Spreader
The Einhell Universal Spreader GE-US 18 Li makes many jobs in your garden or outdoor spaces a lot easier. Whether for fertilising, sowing seeds or spreading de-icing salt in winter. As a member of the Power X-Change family, the spreader ...Read more
Evergreen Handy Lawn Treatment Spreader
A hand held broadcast spreader for applying granular lawn care products and grass seed quickly and evenly. Ideal for use when treating small lawns and features an arm support for improved comfort. Versatile and easy to use the EverGreen Handy ...Read more
GroSure Smart Seed Lawn Feed - 25m2
The lawn seed that is guaranteed to grow*. Smart Lawn Seed can be grown across a range of challenging conditions including full sun, shade, worn areas and even bare patches. It has a unique lawn seed blend that combines coated ...Read more
Roundup Lawns Ready to Use Weed Killer -
Roundup® Lawn Weedkiller kills broad leaved weeds growing in lawns without harming the grass. Specially formulated to kill the broad leaved weeds that invade lawns and suffocate grass. Ready to use trigger spray pack for quick spot treament of weeds ...Read more