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Dansand No Grow Block Paving Sand - 20kg
£0.53 per KG
Fast Action Roundup Weedkiller - 1L
£5.00 per L
Fast Action Pump n Go Roundup Weedkiller - 5L
£4.40 per L

Our extensive range of weedkiller is sure to keep those weeds at bay, so you can make sure your outdoor areas stay looking their best. We stock weed killer from brands including Resolva, Roundup and Weedol with a range of liquid concentrates and gels to natural weed killer available.

For unwanted growth in your garden, weed killer for lawns only targets broad-leaved weeds leaving your grass unharmed. Freeing your turf from clover, dandelions and daisies, you can treat problem areas with ease.

To keep your pathways and patio looking pristine, choose path and patio weed killer. With simple solutions for keeping unsightly weeds out of the gaps between your paving slabs, you can expect results within a day with a weed killer spray. For block paving surfaces, our selection of paving sands are easy to use and can be simply brushed into the grooves of your driveway, or other outdoor areas.

With our wide variety of root and all-purpose weed killer, we have everything you need to keep your garden free of unwanted growth throughout the year. For larger areas or beds that need some extra attention, our backpack sprayers and pressure sprayers are ideal, thanks to their lance wands, adjustable pump levers and controlled, targeted flow.

For an alternative to tackling weeds, we have a range of preventative and weed repressing methods. Opt for decorative stone, slate and gravel, choose multi-purpose bark chippings or underlay areas with landscaping fabric, to create a barrier that ensures your garden stays in perfect condition.