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Rolawn Landscaping Bark Bulk Bag
£0.13 per L
Rolawn Play Grade Bark Bulk Bag
£0.15 per L

Bark chippings are a great option for low maintenance gardens, whether you want a new long-lasting look that helps to control weeds or need an alternative way to complete your borders.

Creating a dense barrier that prevents weeds from getting the light they need to grow, garden bark can be used for multiple purposes in your garden. Repressing unwanted growth and protecting your soil with moisture retention during the hotter months, your plants and flowers also get added protection against frost. Ideal for your flower beds and vegetable patch, you can also use bark to border your paving areas.

If you’ve got little ones that love to play outdoors, play bark offers a more durable surface that doesn’t suffer from wear and tear. Our range includes playground bark that’s ideal for activity areas and the bottom of your garden slide where a softer, more cushioned surface comes in handy. For larger areas, our range of garden bark includes cost-effective bulk bags that can cover huge spaces.

Decorative bark is a great way to finish off the borders around your paving and shrubs, for a long-lasting, low maintenance finish. By insulating the soil around your flowers, your plants get extra protection while your patio border weeding will be reduced throughout the year.

For a natural looking and versatile alternative to paving slabs, bark chippings are a great option for creating a pathway in your garden. If you’re laying chippings over existing stone or compacted soil, we recommend using landscaping fabric and garden edging to keep your path looking neat and tidy.