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Gro-Sure All Purpose Compost & 4 Month Feed
Gro-Sure All-Purpose Compost has been developed to give gardeners the best chance of success, everytime. Containing 4 months feed and our patented West+ wood fibre this high performance compost offers unrivalled results in plant health and growing results.Read more
Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed Bag - 80m² -
Gro-Sure Smart Lawn Seed is a brand new revolutionary product guaranteed to grow in the toughest of lawn conditions. Featuring a unique mix of grass with aqua gel technology it significantly boosts germination success for quicker lawn establishment. The aqua ...Read more
Roundup Speed Ultra Ready To Use Weed Killer
Roundup Speed Ultra is a fast acting, multi-purpose weedkiller for use on unwanted vegetation. It can be used to kill broad leaved weeds and grasses in paths, drives, patios and around the base of roses, ornamental shrubs and trees. Treated ...Read more
Tarmac Loose Topsoil
Topsoil is ideal for most general landscaping, turfing and seeding applications including selected planting for species with a wide PH tolerance or that prefer alkaline soil. It is a friable, moist, workable blend with an organic content and texture which ...Read more