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Einhell Power X-Change TE -TC 18/115 Li-Solo Cordless
The Einhell TE-TC 18/115 Li Solo Tile Cutting Machine is lightweight among tile cutters and can be used with flexibility anywhere and everywhere. The cutting table can be tilted with an angle scale from 0° to 45°, plus the adjustable ...Read more
Vitrex Chisel Scraper
The Vitrex multifunctional stainless steel chisel scraper is an ideal tool for removing paint, stubborn adhesive and debris from most surfaces. The end of the handle features a rubber mallet plate for stubborn material. The comfortable rubber handle with non-slip ...Read more
Vitrex Grout Brush
The Vitrex grout brush is designed to remove unwanted build up from tiles and grout lines. It features nylon bristles that work on all grout joint widths and a comfortable handle with a thumb rest to improve leverage and reduce ...Read more
Vitrex Margin Float with Bucket Hook
This installer grade Vitrex margin float is used for tile grouting in hard-to-reach areas, including back splashes and under counters. It has a comfortable non-slip handle and a steel backing plate that resists bending. The padding is made of gum ...Read more