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Makita D-07945 TCT Reversible Planer Blade - 82mm
Quick-change mini-planer blades for use with high-power planers. Tungsten-edged planer blades. Extra hard for durability. Fits all Makita 82 mm planers.Read more
Makita D-61173 Diamak Turbo Rim Blade - 230mm
Cost-effective product for occasional cutting of hard or dense materials including granite, clay products, slate, limestone and concrete.Read more
Makita P-30237 Flat Wood Bit - 12 x
Flat-bit ideal for most types of hard and softwood with grooved head for improved centering.Read more
Wickes Flat Wood Bit - 16mm
Flat wood bit with a precision ground central point with optimised design for faster cutting performance.Read more