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Bosch Progressor Hole Saw - 57mm
Bosch Progressor Holesaws offer a professional quality cutting performance across a wide range of materials including stainless steel.Read more
Dremel Sanding Bands - 13mm Pack of 6
For rough shaping and smoothing wood and fiberglass, removing rust from metal surfaces and shaping rubber surfaces. Compatible with both 407 sanding mandrel & SC407 EZ SpeedClic sanding mandrel.Read more
Wickes Aluminium Oxide Cloth-Backed Assorted Sandpaper Sheets -
This flexible Aluminium Oxide sanding roll combines high performance sanding with maximum flexibility. Ideal for sanding contoured surfaces.Read more
Wickes Assorted Universal Shank Jigsaw Blade - Pack
Pack of 10 assorted precision ground, fine toothed jigsaw blades capable of cutting a wide range of materials.Read more