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At Crown, we help everyone paint their own possible - whether that be putting your own stamp on a new home, breathing life into a familiar one, or simply keeping ahead of the crowd with the latest must-have shade. We want to empower you to paint your world better and braver because, with a simple change of colour, you can completely transform the look and feel of a space.

Put your own stamp on things… anything is possible.


Walls & Ceilings

Colour that's kinder

Crown’s newest collection packs a punch. With 80 fabulous shades to choose from, including eight key trend colours to help you stay ahead of the interior fashion curve, it is one of the broadest colour palettes on the shelf. Available in a matt or silk finish, the creamy, highly pigmented formulation makes decorating a doddle.

Our signature breatheasy® 99% solvent-free formulation means you can be back in your room in no time without any concerns around asthma or allergy triggers - creating a healthier space for everyone. For those trying to make more mindful choices, the Walls & Ceilings range is our first independently verified vegan paint range and it also comes in 100% recycled packaging.

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Keep it clean

Our multi-surface easyclean® range has a wipe clean formulation, perfect for the busiest rooms in your home. For more stubborn stains, our easyclean® kitchen matt emulsion, specially formulated with greaseguard+ technology, will keep kitchens good as new. As for bathrooms, mould and toothpaste splashes are no longer a concern with easyclean® bathroom emulsion with mouldguard+.

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CRAFTED™ by Crown

A touch of luxury

Expertly curated to add more than just colour to a room, these classic and timeless hues will bring a decadent and seamless floor-to-ceiling look to your home.

With three unique finishes to choose from you can be sure to put your personal stamp on any decorative project in your home.

The luxurious Flat Matt glides onto walls, ceilings and wood seamlessly and feels warm to the touch, the stylish textures include a Suede Textured finish, that incorporates ground olive stones for a soft, natural brushed effect. Or opt for a Lustrous Metallic finish to add a touch of opulence to walls, wood or metal.

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Wood & metal paints and preparation

Choose your look

Finishing touches make all the difference. With three different finishes to choose from (eggshell, satin and gloss) for your metal and woodwork you can choose a look that suits your style.

Preparation is key to a perfect finish. Our primers and undercoats help to smooth out any imperfections in your surfaces and provide a strong, long lasting foundation for your paint.

Always remember, if you’re painting an entire room, leave your woodwork and skirting boards until last to achieve a really slick end result.

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Create your colour scheme

Creating a colour scheme is an exciting part of a decorating project, but sometimes with so many beautiful options available it can seem a little daunting. Never worry, at Crown we have a step-by-step guide to help select the perfect colour combinations.

While painting a room can completely change the overall look and feel of a space, the first thing to consider is that designing a room is not just about a paint colour alone, but furniture, soft furnishings and floor finishes should also be included into the scheme.

If you are trying to match existing furniture or have a favourite cushion as a starting point, we often suggest trying out a three step approach to finding the perfect colour combination.


Neutrals are typically more muted shades that are not overly vibrant or bold, such as beige, taupe, stones and shades of grey. They are versatile shades which are great for creating calm and relaxing spaces as well as being used to complement or balance more vibrant colours.

Hint – create interest by using a variety of textures in soft furnishings and accessories.


A tonal scheme starts with a dominant colour and then combines it with varying tints and shades from the same colour. Varying proportions of light and dark or bright and subtle colours can change the overall result. Tonal colour schemes are cohesive and stylish.

Hint – incorporate natural elements and finishes for a balanced scheme.


Statement colour schemes create the wow factor. Usually this means selecting colours that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel. Contrasting colours create a dramatic effect as they ‘pop’ against one another.

Hint – add accent accessories in the statement colour.


Paint testers are a great way to see how the colour will look in different lighting conditions.

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Choosing wood & metal paint

More inspiration


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