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Choose high-quality floor tile grout to achieve a durable and seamless finish to your floor tiles. With its exceptional strength and versatility, our tile grout for floors ensures long-lasting results that will enhance the beauty of your space. Suitable for any room in the house, with waterproof options available.


Vitrex Grout Finisher

Floor tile grout is specially designed to enhance and protect your floor tiles for years to come. Our tile grout for floors is formulated to provide exceptional durability and strength, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable solution for all your grouting needs. With its superior adhesion properties, it firmly bonds the tiles, creating a seamless and polished finish.

Not only does our floor tile grout offer superb functionality, but it also adds an elegant touch to your living space. Available in a range of colours, our tile grout for floors allows you to customise and complement your flooring design.

Easy to use and quick to dry, our floor tile grout makes the installation process hassle-free. Trust our floor tile grout to elevate the beauty and longevity of your tiled floors.