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Maintaining your home as a homeowner is constant. Knowing the 'what' and 'when' as soon as you move in is crucial. Our seasonal home maintenance guide will come in handy as you get to know all about your new home.

Staying on top of home maintenance will reduce the risk of emergency repairs or costly damage and will mean that you can relax and enjoy your home throughout the year.

Your monthly to-do list to keep your home in tip top shape:

  • Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm batteries
  • Clean your tumble drier of any fluff or dirt

  • Check your boiler pressure

  • Descale your dishwasher and clean out the filters

  • Clean the cooker hood filter and the inside of the oven

  • Give your bins a good wash (inside and out)

  • Do a full clean of every room and vacuum your sofa

  • Clean sink and bath drains with a specialist cleaner


As warmer days arrive, it's the perfect moment to assess how your home weathered the winter.

  • Check the roof for potential damage and remove any built up moss. We have what you need for any repairs
  • Review your home's paint for any wear and touch up as needed
  • Clear gutters and drainage holes of leaves or debris have blocked them
  • Double check your loft for water infiltration, hinting at possible roof tile issues
  • Wash your windows thoroughly, inside and out
  • Move your furniture to clean in those hard to reach places
  • Give your garden a spring spruce up. Mow the lawn, sweep away fallen leaves, and trim hedges or bushes
  • For those plants that didn’t have a winter chop, this is the ideal time for pruning

Top tip: Our interactive garden calendar can help you with what to do to your garden each month to keep it in shape and prepare for the upcoming season.


Don’t forget: we have ideas and advice available for your garden projects.


Fancy an internal spruce up?

  • Examine seals around baths and sinks for any wear
  • Launder duvets, pillows, cushions, and curtains
  • Declutter and organise your garage whilst it's dry out


Autumn is all about beginning to pack away and preparing for the winter ahead.

  • Store garden furniture in a dry, secure spot
  • Unclog gutters and drains ahead of rainy seasons
  • Turn on and bleed radiators; ensure no cold spots arise. Check your boiler too
  • Wrap outside pipes to guard against freezing

  • Test your alarm system and security lights

  • Seal any gaps in windows and doors for insulation

  • Deep clean carpets with an expert touch

  • For open fires or stoves, ensure your chimney is swept


Winter months bring wet and windy weather conditions which can take quite a toll on our bricks and mortar. 

  • To reduce the risk of damp from condensation, keep your home well ventilated and make use of your extractor fans 

  • Regularly wipe condensation away from windows and door frames to prevent mould from forming

  • If there’s a frost, check your pipes for leaks or cracks 

  • If it’s been windy, keep an eye on fences or trees in your garden in case they are starting to look vulnerable. It’s a good idea to check your roof for slipped tiles after any strong winds too

  • Check drains and guttering once more for fallen leaves that might be blocking them

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