The heart of the home

From the hectic breakfast rush to peaceful weekend evenings, make the most of your kitchen as the heart of your home.


The kitchen work triangle

Thoughtfully laying out your kitchen according to the kitchen work triangle lets you make the most of your space.


How to organise your kitchen

Keeping your kitchen organised is an easy way to stay on top of everything and make things simpler for yourself.


Unlock a Wickes kitchen

From design features to clever technology, we pack our kitchens with details to help make cooking simple. Here is a selection of simple festive recipes to take your cooking to the next level.


Wonderful warming cocktails

A perfect use of your time in the kitchen during the frostier months of the year is making something to warm yourself up- a delightful warming cocktail.


Perfect yorkshire puds

Light and fluffy, the perfect pudding is easier to achieve than you think.