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Keeping your kitchen organised is an easy way to stay on top of everything and make things simpler for yourself. Keeping things clutter-free not only makes things easier when you’re cooking, but it’s sure to help you keep your mind clear and relaxed. While it might seem like a daunting task, you don’t necessarily need a major overhaul to help keep things tidy and organised.

Purge and declutter
  • It helps to get a good overview of everything you’ve got in your kitchen. This will help you to properly assess each item, thinking about whether it’s necessary or whether it even works, to begin with.
  • This applies to not only kitchen gadgets you might have, but even ingredients and food items that tend to build up. Go through your spice rack and cupboards, making sure to remove anything that’s old or expired.
  • While it can be hard to get rid of non-essential items, think about how often you actually use it on a weekly or monthly basis. You might find you enjoy a functional space with clear countertops more than a blender that you bought three Christmases ago.
  • Separate everything into three piles- a keep pile, a chuck pile and a donate pile. With the things you keep, remember that not everything has to be out in the kitchen. If you’ve got the space, store it elsewhere until you need it.
Deep clean
  • With your cupboards and worktops cleared, make the most of this opportunity to do a deep clean.
  • It’s not often you get this much access to these areas, so you can really get into the spaces that are very rarely cleaned.
  • A good wipe down will have you feeling better when putting everything back in their place.
Create kitchen zones
  • While your kitchen is stripped back, break it down into different zones to make it easier to organise. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for.
  • When breaking it down, give yourself a zone for cooking, a zone for cleaning, a zone to store dry goods and consumables, a zone to store plates, cups, glasses and cutlery, and a zone where all your food prep utensils are kept.
Prioritise access
  • When putting everything back, think about keeping priority items within reach at all times.
  • Keep your go-to things front-and-centre at eye level, whereas items you use less frequently can be stored up high or out of sight.
  • Getting rid of boxes and packages helps you save space in your cupboards and helps things keep better, so empty things like cereals, pasta, rice and more into clear sealable containers.
  • There are loads of ways you can get creative with kitchen storage and organisation- consider the best ways to use your space, whether it’s hanging pots and pans or wall-mounting a magnetic knife block, or using dividers in drawers and cupboards.

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