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Blinds add style, personality and privacy to a space, so it’s important to pick the right option.
Blinds add style

Swapping out your blinds or adding blinds to a room might seem like a small change to make, but it can have a significant impact on changing up the aesthetic. When you’re implementing an interior design trend across your whole room, every aspect is important. Blinds add style, personality and privacy to a space, so it’s important to pick the right option. Do you want inside or outside the recess mounts? What kind of style are you looking for? As well as that, it’s also important to make sure they’re fitted properly. It’s an easy way to revamp your windows

Roller blinds

To fit roller blinds, start by fitting the brackets with one at either side of your window recess. Once they’re secured in-place, measure the distance between them. In order to get the right measurement for cutting the fabric and the bottom bar, you’ll need to subtract the width of the mechanism. A good pair of scissors is enough to trim the blind, while a hacksaw will do for the bottom bar. The top car needs to be slightly longer than the fabric, so you won’t need to subtract as much off the measurement between the brackets. Roll the blind up keeping the edges straight and nicely lined up. Slip the bottom bar back into the end of the blind fabric and fit your chain on your preferred side. Then you can just snap your blind into place and install the slip for the cord.

Vertical blinds

Make your measurements, then drill your holes and insert wall plugs into them. Fix your brackets into place using a screwdriver, so that they’re nice and secure. Then you can simply clip the headrail in. Pull the metal chain mechanism to make sure that the hooks spin 180-degrees. Then you can click the holes on the vanes into the hooks to install the vanes. Just make sure that the hooks are side-on facing left. Then tension the metal chain and secure the child safety clip with a screwdriver.

Venetian blinds

Firstly, measure the depth of where your brackets will go. Check how far your handle and any other obstructions stick out from the window, then use this measurement as the minimum distance for mounting. Then mark your drill holes using the brackets, drill pilot holes and insert wall plugs into them. Then install the brackets by screwing them into place. If you’re using a centre bracket, install it slightly off-centre to avoid any cords. Open up the brackets and slide the headrail into place, before snapping the bracket arms back to secure it. Then install the child safety cleat and tie the cords around them.

Roman blinds

Start by measuring and marking the holes for your brackets. Then pre-drill the holes, insert wall plugs and secure your brackets. Once your brackets are in-place, open the swing arm on the bracket. Remove the fabric by tugging on the Velcro strip at the top of the headrail. Clip the headrail onto the brackets and close the swing arms to lock it in-place. Then you can reattach the fabric using the Velcro strip to hide the brackets. Not all roman blind have a child safety clip, instead opting for a different safety mechanism if too much force is applied to the chain.

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