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A great way to declutter the house, empty the spare room and streamline your cupboards, lofts are the perfect out-of-sight storage solution. Moving items to your loft is a quick, easy and affordable solution when you need to free up valuable space. Allowing you to stash your suitcases, Christmas decorations, spare furniture and boxed odds and ends, before the extended family arrives.

With good preparation, adequate access and ample storage space, you’re ready to get storing as soon as your loft is ready for action. Here are five handy ways to help you make the most of your attic.

  • Insulation
  • Boarding
  • Storage
  • Loft ladders
  • Hatch

To ensure your items are safely stored, your loft needs to be insulated and dry to be fit for purpose. Insulation will either be laid between your joists or in the rafters of the roof. If you’re not sure what condition your loft is in or what you need, it can be a good idea to have a professional assess your space. If you are going to insulate the loft yourself, watch our how to install loft insulation video for a step by step guide and advice; and find everything you need to complete the job including loft insulation rolls, boards, foil and fixings.


Once your loft is insulated, the space will need a subfloor to support foot traffic. Loft boards not only help to tidy and maximise the storage potential of your space but increase the stability, safety and heat retention. If you have especially deep insulation or awkward joists, loft legs can be used to create a slightly elevated floor that avoids compressing your loft insulation.


Once your boards are laid, it’s time to think about storage. To keep your items dust-free and organised, bespoke modular storage, simple timber racking and plastic storage boxes with wheels are all great choices.

Loft ladders

Safe and secure access is essential if you’re going to be moving items in and out of your attic. Loft ladders generally come in two types of fixing. They are either secured to your loft joists on rails that fold or extend out with a locking mechanism. Or, they come affixed to an insulated trap door that folds or concertinas out when you open the hatch, saving you valuable floor space up top.


Your loft hatch will conceal the entrance to your attic when you’re not venturing up there to store odds and ends. Made from insulated plastic or fire-rated metal, choose a hatch that either opens down towards you or up and over. Hatches also come in a variety of sizes to suit your space and access needs and usually feature a handy hinge mechanism, so you can completely remove the door for bulkier items.

For more ways to increase your home storage, watch our great wall of storage video and find DIY ideas and advice in the inspiration hub.