Entertainment wall unit

DIY entertainment wall unit

Streamline your home entertainment setup and make sure it looks seamless, with wires kept out of sight and your tech taking centre stage.

Ways to Wall-Mount a TV

Ways to wall-mount a TV

Find a number of different ways to wall mount your TV, with options to suit any space.

Keeping cables organised

Keeping cables organised

Find our picks for the best ways to keep your cables from getting unruly.

DIY light fixtures

Leftover light fixtures

Make the most of spare materials by recycling and repurposing them. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to transform odds and ends into something you can put on display.

Burn and brush finishing

Burn & brush finishing

Discover some ways in which you can apply burn and brush wood finishing around your house.

Making the most of smart lighting

Smart lighting

Discover how you can utilise your smart lighting to its full potential.