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You can save space in compact homes by utilising foldable furniture, which can be easily put away when not being used to give you more room around your home. With a variety of different options, you can easily find your perfect fit for any room of the house or create something bespoke that’s tailored to your space.

Whether you want to save space in your spare room or create a temporary workstation that you can put away at the end of the day- there are plenty of creative designs when it comes to foldable furniture.

Wall bed
  • Be ready to host friends and family in a flash, with the ability to double up your spare room without the need to constantly have a bed taking up space.
  • They can be fitted into an alcove to suit the natural shape of your room, with both horizontal and vertical options to choose from.
  • Add them as a design feature to any room, with lots of different exterior designs that includes cabinets, shelves and desks.
Drop down desk
  • The ideal handy home workstation; drop down desks can be folded away once you’re finished with work so you can completely compartmentalize work and home life.
  • They can be built to suit any space in your home, with room for customization and decoration so that it perfectly meets your needs and fits in with your interior design.
Folding wall table
  • The perfect solution for compact kitchens, folding wall tables give you an ideal spot to have breakfast before you fold it away again to maximise space.
  • Getting creative on the underside of the table turns it into a decorative statement piece, with the ability to display artwork when it’s folded and pinned on the wall.

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