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The job that customers are asking for most often is still insulation. Obviously, the one task that will go the furthest in saving energy is adding loft roll insulation to stop heat escaping from the top of the house, but there’s also cavity wall and underfloor insulation so that the sides and bottom of the house are catered for, plus smaller jobs such as pipe lagging, triple glazing and adding radiator foil.

Draught proofing

Draught proofing is also a simple one: there’s no point adding insulation if the heat can still escape elsewhere. The last year has seen the demand for loft insulation increase by 419%, so this is definitely a job that customers are interested in. Added to the savings that can be made on heating bills, a simple job like insulation a house can add up to £11,000 to its value.

Going solar

Another job that can increase a house’s value is the installation of products that will provide a home with its own energy sources. There are many options: wind turbines, ground source heat pumps and the most popular: adding solar panels to the roof, which can add up to £13,000 to the value of a home.

EV charging

The one eco trend which is growing exponentially at the moment is the number of people buying electric vehicles. Therefore one job that is likely to be requested right now is the installation of an electric vehicle charging point; demand for this job has increased by an incredible 404% this year, and adding a charging point to the home can increase its value by £11,000.