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Bosch PMF 220 CE Multi Tool Set -
The PMF 220 CE is a multi-functional tool that enables you to perform a variety of DIY tasks. This tool is extremely versatile and convenient because you can sand, cut, grout, and scrap with just 1 tool. This is due ...Read more
Spear & Jackson Neverbend Professional Pick Handle
The Spear & Jackson Wooden Pick Handle is a very sturdy hardwood pick handle which has been designed to last. This Pick Handle can be used either with the Spear and Jackson Grubbing Mattock, 5002AE, or the Spear & Jackson ...Read more
Spear & Jackson Traditional Stainless Steel Border Fork
The Spear & Jackson Traditional Range Stainless Steel Border Fork is a beautifully made garden tool that is a pleasure to use. Fashioned along traditional lines it is a superbly balanced tool made from excellent quality components. The Fork features ...Read more
The Handy Hollow Tine Aerator
Simple but effective for year round use to relieve compaction, remove plugs to carry out soil profile work and assist in the entry of fertilisers or dressings.Read more