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Keep your garden in great condition with our range of pesticides and pest control products. We have a variety of solutions to ensure your garden stays bug, pest, insect and disease free so you can make the most of your outdoor areas.

Protect your shrubs from damage and prevent slugs from feeding on your flowers and bulbs with our slug killer, which is safe to use without damaging your plants. Suitable for use in your garden and greenhouse, we also have a range of organic slug pellets.

For fast and effective control and long-lasting protection against ants, our range of ant killers includes baits and powders, with everything you need to deal with a nest in your home or garden.

Get on top of infestations as quickly as possible with our selection of mouse and rat killer. Whether you’re tackling a vermin problem inside or outdoors, rid your home of mice and rats with bait blocks and sachets, bait stations and mouse traps.

To keep your favourite flowers and plants clear of unwanted aphids, pests and fungus, our dual-action pesticide sprays can protect against further attacks with just one use.

If you want to avoid the use of chemicals, our range includes a selection of natural solutions from Unwins Nemasys. They’re safe for children, pets and wildlife and deal with a variety of pests from leatherjackets to vine weevils. Suitable for use on plants, lawns, open borders, pots and containers, our chemical free solutions are a great alternative.

To ensure your pest control products are sufficiently watered in, choose from our range of watering cans, garden hoses and accessories.