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Miracle-Gro All Purpose Feed - 1kg
£5.00 per KG
Gro-sure Smart Seed Bag 80m2 - 3.2kg
£0.33 per SQM
Miracle-Gro Pour and Feed - 1L
£3.00 per L
Gro-sure Shady Lawn Seed 10m2 - 300g
£0.60 per SQM

Our range of lawn care and plant fertilisers help to promote strong and healthy growth in your garden. From lawn treatment and manure to plant food and fertiliser, we have everything you need to keep your lawn and flowers thriving all year long.

If you’re planting seeds for the first time or need to seed over thinning turf, choose from our selection of grass seed from brands including Miracle-Gro and Gro-Sure. Opt for fast acting, shady area and extra durable lawn seed treatments to suit your needs.

If areas of your grass are in need of some TLC, patching seed is an easy way to bring bare areas back to full health. For some extra help, our handy lawn treatment spreaders feature an arm support, helping you to spread your turf treatment quickly and evenly.

When it comes to keeping your garden green and encouraging growth, our range of lawn feed has everything from fast-acting feed, to grass thickener and all-in-one turf treatments. Not only do they strengthen your grass they also kill unwanted weeds and moss, meaning your lawn stays healthy and lush.

To care for a wide range of flowers and plants, our all-purpose plant food has you covered. Slowly releasing balanced nutrients to promote and produce vibrant flowers and fruit, you can also find specialist feeds for your homegrown tomatoes.

To increase the quality of your soil, our garden manure helps to enrich and improve the condition, making it ideal for feeding established plants and helping them to flourish.