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Wood Screws
Our wood screws are suitable for all types of wood. This range spans from our ultra gold, to brass and stainless steel screws.
Decking Screws
Single thread wood screws for affixing timber decking to framework.
Exterior Timber Screws
Exterior timber screws are perfect for all types of projects, from fixing decking to building framework.
Drywall Screws
Our Drywall Screws are ideal for use with plasterboard and similar materials.
Self Tapping & Drilling Screws
Self tapping screws tap their own thread in a pre-drilled pilot hole, ideal for joining or fixing to thin section metal sheet
Masonry Screws
Our masonry screws are suitable in applications on bricks, stones and concrete blocks.
Roofing Screws
Wickes roofing screws are suitable for application on sheet metal.
Flooring Screws
Wickes offer specialist screws for affixing your flooring.
Electrical Screws
Electrical screws are ideal for fitting switches and sockets in your home. The clever design provides an extra strong fix that will not work loose.
Specialist Screws
Wickes's specialist screws range includes products such as mirror screws and machine screws.
Screw Cup & Washers
For use with countersunk wood screws for a decorative finish
Wall Plugs
Wickes supply all manner of quality wall plugs for use on all surfaces.
Screw Assortment
Our selection of screw multipacks offer a variety of sizes for numerous projects in one handy case.