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Everbuild 401 Brick & Patio Cleaner - 5L
Brick & Patio Cleaner is a fast-acting acid-based formula (9.5% strength) that dissolves mortar and cement stains and ingrained dirt and paint on most mineral surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, paving flags and earthenware. Please note this product is ...Read more
Masonry Smooth Brick Red 250ml
Smooth Masonry is formulated to give long-lasting, 15 year all weather protection. Its flexible, resists flaking and is suitable for exterior application on roughcast, concrete, stock, facing bricks, sand/cement rendering, pebble-dash and similar emulsion based paints. Smooth Masonry may be ...Read more
Postsaver Pro-set Rapid Set Lightweight Post Fix Resin
Pro-Set is a convenient alternative to using heavy concrete for setting fence posts, signs, and more. Conveniently packaged in a 1.25kg small bag, users simply need to shake the bag which mixes the two-compounds, and pour the contents into the ...Read more
Sika 1 Integral Waterproofer Admixure Tub - 5L
Sika 1 Waterproofer is an aqueous solution containing complex colloidal silicates. In the presence of water these swell and block the capillaries and pores in the applied sand / cement renders, screeds and mortar to provide an effective barrier against ...Read more