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If your new bathroom's looking more tired than tranquil, it might be time for a revamp. A fresh bathroom can really increase your home's value. We know working out the costs can be a bit of a headache. Don’t worry, we've put together a simple guide to budgeting and deciding on your new bathroom.

Setting a budget and timeframes

Depending on your bathroom size and how big of a change you’re going for, on average, a bathroom renovation in the UK costs about £6,500.

If you’re keeping the same layout, a plumber will usually need about 2-3 days. You'll want to budget around £1,000 to £2,000 for this, and that should cover taking out your old bathroom fittings.

The cost of your new shower can range a lot based on what you're looking for. Electric showers are more affordable and can cost less than £100, it may mean that they are not as powerful. If you want something more premium and powerful, prices can vary. It’s also worth considering a water saving shower head.

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For an enclosure; a simple one with a glass side panel and door could cost you as low as £100, but for something more sleek and stylish, budget around £500. 

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Moving on to the bath, the potential star of your room. Depending on your style and requirements the prices can vary between £100-£1000. 

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Top tip: check the materials to ensure you are happy with the quality for the more budget friendly options.

Nowadays, a bathroom basin isn’t just a functional fixture – it’s also a key piece of decor. If you are looking to go high-end a recommended budget would be around £300. If you are looking to make savings, you can get a basin for around £50. 

Top tip: Don’t forget to budget for a shelf or storage unit for support.

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When costing for taps, more upscale choices can cost around £150. The budget-friendly pillar taps, with separate hot and cold handles, can be as low as £30.

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You will of course need a loo. A simple toilet can be picked up for just £50, while quality model which ‘float’ from the wall and conceal unsightly pipework, could set you back as much as £500.

Alternatively, simply adding a new toilet seat can have a huge impact.

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Tiling can take from one to five days, depending on how much you're tiling. Make sure your floor tiles are non-slip, and plan for about £85 per square metre for tiling. Check out our tile buying guide for style tips and don't forget – we’ve got samples for you too.

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And finally, don’t forget the extras. Will you need a new radiator? Mirrors? Cabinetry? A heated towel rail or underfloor heating? You may need to replace your extractor fan, and lighting too, and perhaps set a bit aside for decorations to add the finishing touch.

For more information on this topic, visit Move iQ.

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