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After a long summer evenings, BBQ’s and alfresco dining, autumn typically brings milder weather. With an increase in rainfall to feed the garden, autumn is the perfect time to schedule in your lawn care. As the darker evenings roll in and the seasons begin to turn, the now is the time to give your lawn a little TLC ahead of the frost and ice.

Trim, patch, repair and renew your lawn with our top 5 autumn lawn care tips.

Trim and tidy edges, beds and borders

After the sunny growing season you may find that your grass, beds and borders become a little overgrown. Rake away leaves and debris, then use an edger, shears or an electric trimmer to neaten up your edges. For those that love a landscaped lawn, installing lawn edging ensures your borders stay neat and are maintenance, free season to season.

Scarifying the grass

Thatch is a spongy layer of organic moss, weeds, debris and grass cuttings that can accumulate in your lawn over the summer months, preventing water and fertilizer from penetrating the roots. Mow your garden a few days before, then use a lawn scarifier or metal rake to reduce and remove the thatch from your grass. This process encourages new growth and deeper roots while allowing you to patch and repair areas that need some extra attention.

Patch, repair and renew

If the family, children and pets have had a fun summer in the garden, it’s likely you’ll need to undertake some patch repair. Perhaps the trampoline or BBQ have caused some damage or shaded areas have become over trodden and arid. Use plant fertiliser and lawncare products such as patch repair or lawn seed to replenish and fill in any sparse areas in your grass.

Aerate your lawn

Over the summer, grass can become compacted with patches becoming overly trodden in high traffic areas. Releasing this tension can help increase drainage, improve circulation, ensure fertilizers are absorbed and encourage new growth. Spike your grass to add small holes with shoe attachments, a hand tool or electric aerator.

Weed, feed and dress the grass

Top dressing your grass can aid summer recovery, help strengthen roots, aid nutrient absorption, kill weeds and nourish your lawn ahead of harsher weather. Apply weed killer, fertilizers and lawn care with a lawn spreader or sprayer for even application, raking down into aerated holes for maximum effect. A combination autumn lawn treatment is a good choice, as they are specially formulated to protect your grass from winter frost and ice.

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