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Planning and preparation
  • Different finishes work in different types of room, so consider the room and how much traffic or moisture it will have
  • Consider the condition of your walls and which paint would best suit it
Doing it right
  • Make sure to clear your painting area before you start.
  • It’s a good idea to paint on top of a neutral base colour, to avoid any issues with your new colours.
  • Get creative with how the size, shape and colour with your blocks. This project is completely bespoke.
Staying safe
  • Make sure your stepladder is standing on flat ground if you need to use one to reach high up areas.


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Matt paint

For walls and ceilings.

Flat finish for the truest colour.

Absorbs light and hides imperfections.

Can't be cleaned.


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Eggshell paint

For walls, wood and trims.

Slight sheen like an eggshell.

Can be cleaned.

Suited to family homes.

Silk and Soft Sheen

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Silk paint

For walls, wood and trims.

Highly durable and can be cleaned.

Reflects more light, which can show imperfections.

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms


Gloss paint

For wood and trims.

The most durable finish.

Highly reflective, showing all imperfections.

Perfect for contact areas like doors and windows.

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