Techniques for working with sleepers

Techniques for working with sleepers

Learn these simple to follow techiques and you can create anything from raised beds and borders to retaining walls, garden steps and walkways.

Creative ways to use timber sleepers

Creative uses for sleepers

With their rugged reliability and contemporary lines, timber sleepers are fantastic for planting, construction and garden landscaping.

5 ways to treat exterior wood

Treating exterior wood

Protect your exterior wood for a longer life against rot, wear and decay with our top 5 ways to treat your timber.

Top carpentry tips

Hammer against a wood block to prevent marring your timber

If you don’t have a wooden mallet to hand use a metal hammer and a wooden block or offcut.

Use a straight edge as a fence for your circular saw

For straight and accurate freehand cuts, screw or clamp a perfectly straight edge to your timber.

How to lay a sleeper pathway

Sleeper pathways

Versatile, rugged and easy to lay, sleeper garden pathways are a great choice.

5 steps to prepare your loft for storage

Sleeper stairs

Sleeper stairs offer great flexibility and design options that are bespoke to your space.

How to build airing cupboard shelving

Building a sleeper table system

With sturdy stools and a table, sleeper furniture makes for a versatile addition to your garden.

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