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FloPlast 110mm Soil Access Pipe - Grey
The 110mm Grey Soil Access Pipe allows access within the soil stack to enable easy testing, cleaning and maintenance of the soil system.The access has 2 closed side bosses which when drilled using a 50mm - 57mm hole cutter and ...Read more
FloPlast 50mm MiniFlo Downpipe Pipe Clip - Pack
The 50mm Grey MiniFlo Downpipe Clip is used to secure 50mm round downpipe and joints. A smaller profile based on the original round line system, it is an ideal solution for garages, sheds, summerhouses and most garden buildings.Read more
FloPlast 65mm Square Line Downpipe 67.5° Branch -
The 67.5° Black 65mm Square Line Branch is used to connect 2 neighbouring round downpipes at a 67.5° angle. The system offers a flow capcity in excess round line gutter when removing rainwater from your roof. Suitable for new builds, ...Read more
FloPlast 68mm Cast Iron Style Round Line Downpipe
The 68mm Black 2.5m Cast Iron Style Round Downpipe length is used to remove rainwater from the gutter to a drain via a hopper or outlet. The system offers good flow capacity when removing rainwater from your roof. Suitable for ...Read more