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Trigger Sprayer - 1L
Hozelock Grey Tuffhose - 25m
Flopro SoftFlo Advanced Gun

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Flopro SoftFlo Advanced Gun
The Flopro SoftFlo has a unique aerator setting which is perfect to water your containers. With a gentle waterflow, combining water and air, it keeps the open structure of compost and does not harm your plant or roots. The Flopro ...Read more
Hozelock 7230 Hose Pipe Starter Set - 30m
Hozelock's multi purpose, hard wearing hose for garden watering includes Braided Technology, which maintains the structure ensuring water is effectively delivered to your garden. Weather proof with UV and frost protection guarantees that your hose can be used effectively in ...Read more
Hozelock Hose Pipe Connector Set
Made from high quality materials, this Hozelock Hose Connection Set is the perfect way to connect your Hozelock hose reel or cart to your outdoor tap without sacrificing the length of your hose. It is 1.5m in length and comes ...Read more
Hozelock Starter Hose - 15m
The Starter Hose - Ideal for new gardeners, or for those who want a simple, yet hard wearing multi-purpose hose for general garden watering tasks.Read more