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Green garden shed

Wooden sheds and outbuildings are affordable and easy to build, but not giving them the right protection can leave them exposed to the elements. This can result in sun damage and discolouration, as well as mould and more, so it’s important to give your timber outbuildings the care that they deserve.

As well as looking after your shed or outbuildings, there are also plenty of ways to decorate it to get the look you’re after. This can help buildings blend in with the rest of your garden décor, or provide a playful pop of colour that stands out.

Staining shed
Shed and fence preserver

  • Shed and fence preserver protects wood from rot, decay, insects and fungi, as well as offering waterproofing for weather protection.

  • It’s available in a range of dark and earth-tone colours, so you can not only protect but also transform your timber while keeping its more natural look.
Staining wood wearing glove
Wood stain

  • For an even more natural look, wood stain comes in a wide range of natural shades and finishes. 

  • Designed for durability, it offers lasting protection against weathering with colour that’s guaranteed to last.
Summer house on decking
Shed and fence paint

  • For some full decorative flair, adding a burst of colour with some shed and fence paint is the way to go. 

  • From warm red cedar to a chilly coastal mist, you can choose from a huge variety of colours to find the best fit. 

  • Most exterior paint will offer some protection as standard, so you get colour that lasts all year round.

Rotten roofing
Re-felt the roof

  • Re-felting a tired roof is a great way to completely revamp the aesthetic of any shed or outbuilding. 
  • Felt also helps to make sure that there’s no risk of holes where water can leak in.