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Exterior Nails - 75mm - 250g
These high-quality nails are meticulously engineered to provide robust and durable fastening solutions for various outdoor applications. These exterior nails are specifically designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for outdoor construction projects, including fencing, decking and securing roofing ...Read more
FirmaHold Ring Shank FirmaGalv Collated Clipped Head Nails
These high-quality clipped head nails are engineered to provide exceptional strength, reliability, and durability. The FirmaGalv coating delivers superior corrosion resistance, making these nails suitable for outdoor applications and ensuring your work stands the test of time. These clipped head ...Read more
Galvanised Square Twist Nails - 30 x 375mm
These high-quality nails are meticulously engineered to provide secure and durable fastening for a wide range of applications. The U-shape design makes these nails suitable for securing wire fencing to wood. These nails are galvanised to enhance corrosion resistance, ensuring ...Read more
Paslode 3.1 x 90mm IM360 Collated Ring Nails
The Paslode 3.1 x 90mm nails are best in class that offer optimum performance and the best quality finish. Eurocode 5: suitable for applications in Service Class 2 (indoors not heated, outdoors protected). Galv-Plus finish for corrosion protection. Paslode nails ...Read more