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Wickes Ready Mixed Plaster Skim - White 10kg
£2.20 per KG
Sandtex Ready Mixed Masonry Filler - 500g
£18 per KG
Wickes All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler - 2.5kg
£3.60 per KG
Polycell Polyfilla All Purpose - 2kg
£5.63 per KG
Polycell Polyfilla Deep Gap Filler - 1L
£10.25 per L
Wickes All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler - 1kg
£5.75 per KG
Wickes Fine Surface Ready Mixed Filler - 600g
£8.75 per KG
Wickes Lightweight Ready Mixed Filler - 1L
£8.95 per L
Wickes Flexible Gap Filler White 300ml
£0.67 per 100ML
Polycell Polyfilla Multi-Purpose Filler - 330g
£11.36 per KG
Polycell Polyfilla Flexible Gap Filler - 290g
£1.98 per 100ML

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