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Hozelock Ultra Flex Hose Pipe - 30m
Hozelock Garden Multi Sprinkler
Hozelock 4 Way Tap Connector
Hozelock Grow Bag Waterer

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The Gardena Basic Hose Set 13mm/20m (18970-28) is a reliable garden hose with parts ready for use. The set includes a 20m basic hose with a diameter of 13mm, a tap connector with an adapter suitable for water taps with ...Read more
Gardena Classic Hose - 50m
The Gardena Classic Hose is UV-resistant and pressure-resistant. If required, it can be systematically supplemented with the Original Gardena System Fittings and connecting devices. These are the perfect prerequisites for easy and flexible use in your garden.Read more
Hozelock Assembled Hose Cart with Starter Hose Pipe
The Hozelock Assembled 60m Hose Cart is a free standing, wheeled hose cart with an adjustable handle for easy movement around the garden. It is supplied with a 30m hose, hose connectors and a nozzle so that you can start ...Read more
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John Guest Speedfit Plastic Pipe 15mm x 3m.Read more