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A good range of power tools can enhance any toolbox. Whether you’re an enthusiastic or experienced DIYer, an arsenal of home improvement power tools can help you tackle your projects efficiently, effortlessly and expertly.

Take on any interior or exterior home improvement projects and tinker with general repair jobs in your workshop with our 10 favourite power tools.


A circular saw is a versatile, rapid and high powered hand-held cutting tool and workshop must have. Make rigid, smooth and controlled cuts with the high powered blade through timber, and find specialist circular saw blades for cutting through metal, masonry, mortar and granite.

Use a circular saw to cut timber and mouldings for shelving, trim floorboards to length and cut paving masonry to size.


Versatile, battery powered and portable, a cordless drill is an all-purpose tool, allowing you to drill pilot holes and fasten screws in wood, concrete, brick, metal and plastic. An adjustable clutch gives you torque control while a keyed or keyless chuck can hold both hex and standard drill bits for enhanced versatility.

Use a cordless drill to secure a curtain rail or blind, hang a gallery print wall and assemble furniture.


A handy alternative to a hand saw, an electric planer is a fantastic tool for quick, precise and efficient trimming. Shave, smooth and remove thin layers of wood, chamfer grooves and add decorative bevels to your projects.

Use an electric sander for levelling uneven joists, planing expanded doors to size and smoothing rough cut timber.


Restore and repair surfaces with an electric sander to smooth down timber and remove rough edges and paint. Offering precise work in small and tight areas, electric sanders work in circular or looping motions to remove finishes and grains. Find sanding belts and sheets in varied grits for any job.

Use an electric sander to remove paint from flooring, smooth down cut timber surfaces and renew furniture before refinishing.


A jigsaw gives you ultimate flexibility to cut intricate angled shapes, circles, curved profiles and patterns with the thin reciprocating jigsaw blade. Adaptable enough to use on a range of materials, a model with an adjustable baseplate will even allow you to cut mitres and bevelled edges.

Use a jigsaw to cut decorative patterns into timber, plunge cut a hole for a kitchen sink or bevel the edge of a carpentry project.


A more lightweight and compact version of a drill driver, an impact driver has an enhanced torque and hex collet clamp for larger scale projects. Delivering powerful and controlled pulses from the motor, an impact driver can help drive screws straight into the toughest of surfaces.

Use an impact driver for precision drilling, building and carpentry projects and installing decking.


The master of accurate, angled, fine and precise square cuts, a mitre saw is essential for framing and construction projects. Trim mouldings, casings and frames and cut through large pieces of timber with the large diameter hinged saw.

Use a mitre saw to chop flooring to size, trim skirting boards and saw pieces of flooring trim to identical dimensions.


Save time and energy by replacing your hammer and nails. A nail gun can finish off furniture projects and tackle trim with ease. Especially helpful where corners are awkward or tight, there are nail guns for everything from framing and flooring, making projects more flexible.

Use a nail gun to fix skirting boards, pin decorative mouldings to furniture and for finishing work in carpentry projects.


A rotary multi-tool is a slender, one-handed and versatile power tool (often referred to as a Dremel) that can be used with a variety of interchangeable attachments for small scale projects. Grind, sand, polish, cut, carve and engrave with a variety of accessories.

Use a rotary multi-tool for precision projects such as polishing glass, engraving leather and carving ornaments.


Cut, trim, shape and hollow your timber effectively at fast speeds with a router. Powerful enough to tackle heavy-duty tasks, a router can take on a range of workshop duties and is especially useful for carpentry. For true flexibility, a combination router with fixed and plunge bases is ideal for home improvement projects.

Use a router for creating a rounded worktop edge, to bevel a decorative frame and profile the edges of cabinetry.

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