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Onduline products

Onduline is the market leader for designing, manufacturing and supplying innovative and sustainable lightweight roofing and waterproofing solutions.

Onduline's lightweight roofing products are not only easy to install, they are also versatile in application, from waterproofing animal homes and stables and agricultural buildings, to timber outbuildings such as garden sheds, summerhouses, pergolas, log cabins and other timber frame structures. And that's not all: Onduline's bituminous corrugated roofing sheets and tiles are also eco-friendly, as they are made from 50% recycled content.


Bituminous corrugated roofing sheet

Bituminous corrugated roof sheets for guaranteed waterproofing of timber buildings, in a wide choice of profiles and colours.

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Bituminous corrugated roofing tile

Choice of corrugated roof tiles for those seeking a traditional tiled look for their outbuilding.

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Bituminous roofing shingle

Premium quality asphalt roof shingles, available in rectangle shapes in a range of colours. AA fire rated, suitable for any roof.

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Corrugated plastic sheet

Corrugated plastic sheets suitable for roofing, cladding and skylights. ONDULINE POLYCARBONATE and ONDUPLAST COLOUR opaque polyester sheets.

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Membranes & underlays

Onduline ONDUTISS membranes and underlays are high vapour permeable membranes with extreme tensile strength and resistance, suitable for all roof constructions.

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Accessories & fixings

Onduline screws & nails: quality matching screws and nails. Onduline roof accessories: bituminous ridges and verges available to colour match sheets and tiles.

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Installation Videos

Raindrops keep falling on my shed...

...but it’s four times quieter with Onduline roofing sheets. Anyone who has been inside a building with a metal roof when the rain has been pounding down will know it can be thunderously noisy. Often it can be difficult to hear yourself speak. While it can be unsettling for people in, say, a factory or sports centre, in settings where animals are being cared for it can be really upsetting, or just plain irritating if it’s a garden office, annexe or other outbuilding. Comparative testing commissioned by Onduline has shown that its corrugated sheeting is around 23 decibels quieter than the noise generated from a metal roof. While the rain simulator cannot match the stringent controls required for laboratory testing, it will be a robust practical demonstration of the products’ sound dampening qualities.