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Adey PRO2 MagnaClean Central Heating System Magnetic Filter
The in-line, push-fit, filter extends the operational life of the central heating system, as well as reducing maintenance and heating energy bills. The versatile filter also enables multiple installation options with a removable spacer positioned between the valves.Read more
Fluidmaster Brass Shank Bottom Entry Cistern Fill Valve
Choose Fluidmaster fill & flush valves and save money and water - fix it right with Fluidmaster, replace your old style ballcock valve with a better performing Fluidmaster fill valve and fits virtually any toilet cistern with bottom entry water ...Read more
Roundup Speed Ultra Weedkiller Pump 'N Go -
A multipurpose weedkilller for use on unwanted vegetation. It can be used to kill broad leaved weeds and grasses on paths, drives and patios. It can also be used for weeding before sowing or planting vegetables or flowers. Treated areas ...Read more
Swarfega Lemon Handwash Pump 4L
Solvent-free lemon hand cleaner combining highly developed surfactant cleaning agents with natural cornmeal hand scrub to remove oil, grease and general soilings quickly and effectively. Contains moisturiser to help care for skin.Read more