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12 for £66
Soudal Fix ALL Turbo Hybrid Adhesive - 290ml

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Gorilla Grab Adhesive is so versatile, it grabs virtually anything. The flexible, gap filling formula provides a heavy duty bond that’ll last. Gorilla Grab Adhesive is 100% waterproof and withstands extreme temperatures, meaning you can use it indoors or out, ...Read more
Soudal Contact Adhesive Spray - 300ml
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Professional quality adhesive foam, for quick and easy bonding of many building materials, such as insulation board and plasterboard panels, lightweight (non-load bearing) blockwork, ceramics, mdf, chipboard and many other materials. Effectively bonds and fills, with good gap filling capabilities. ...Read more
Unibond Sanitary Anti Mould White Sealant - 274g
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