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It’s never been more important to maximise your chances of selling your home successfully. Here’s how to create a good first impression for selling to the right buyer, and achieving a good price.

Get the timing right

On average, it can take around six months to sell a house, depending on anything from how the housing market is doing to property chains. But timing also depends on your personal circumstances. For example, are your job and income stable?

Figure out your finances

Do your sums early on. From estate agent fees to solicitors, the cost of selling a house adds up. If you’re buying too, you’ll have to budget for stamp duty and mortgage fees.

Maximise your property’s value

Examine similar local property prices to assess your home's potential value. Enhance controllable elements like the energy rating to increase appeal. Consider applying for planning permission for an extension; even unexecuted plans can add value. Ensure your home is well-maintained, with updated interiors to attract buyers. Stay aware of local plans that could allure new buyers and amplify your location’s appeal.

Choose the right estate agent by researching and setting a realistic marketing price. Opt for an experienced agent and ensure their marketing strategies align with your standards for showcasing your property.

Present your home in its best light

It can be tough to strike the balance between ‘decluttered’ and ‘depersonalised’. Prospective buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, without it feeling soulless. Having said that, putting excess furniture and bits and bobs in storage can help a house feel more spacious and stylish. Think about helping people to fall in love with a ‘lifestyle’, not just a building. All this should be done before the estate agent comes to take pictures.

Make sure your listing is up to scratch

On the property portals, potential buyers will decide in seconds if yours piques their interest. So make sure there are plenty of photos and that these are well lit, clear and flattering to each room. Does the listing feature any key selling points of your home and its location? Is there an accurate floor plan? Once the portal listing has grabbed buyers’ attention you want to make sure they’re even more impressed by the reality. This means paying attention to the details – no stains on carpets, or weeds in paving stones, or odd odours hanging around. Make sure windows are cleaned and frames are in good condition. Look at your home with the same critical eye as a visiting buyer. What might let it down? Are there any aspects that look neglected or areas with potential might be overlooked? The impression most buyers are looking for is open, airy, and well lit.

Your ideal buyer is someone who’s organised, interested and ready to go. Your estate agent is the best person to assess this, but it’s going to help if you too build a relationship with the buyer, as clear, open communication can really help if things get stuck. When an offer comes in, having a good solicitor ready and waiting is absolutely key. The longer a sale takes to reach completion, the higher the chance of it falling through, so choose someone who is proactive and can help get you there.

Keep the sale moving by being on top of things

Make sure you are aware and proactive about any stumbling blocks holding things up. Be as organised and responsive as you possibly can be. Bear these tips in mind and you’ll be doing everything you can to clinch that sale.

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